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Dr. Tumi joined RVH (Royal Victoria Hospital) in Barrie in 2004 as a consultant plastic surgeon. He finished medical school in 1987 and then rotated in different surgical specialty fields (general surgery, orthopedic surgery and trauma surgery) before he joined the Tripoli Center for Plastic Surgery in 1989, where he stayed until 2004. He received his Canadian specialist certificate in plastic surgery from McMaster University and plastic surgery fellowship from the University of Toronto in 2001.

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My journey began a few years ago when I decided enough was enough and I lost 120 pounds. Feeling amazing, having more energy, buying smaller clothes sizes, and learning to eat healthy choices I felt fantastic and that I did it for myself. The only thing I did not feel good about was all the extra the skin I was left with on my tummy area. (results may vary from individual to individual) […]

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